Matilda Rose Early Intervention Centre:
Operational Support


A specialist early-intervention program in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, catering for profoundly deaf children with multiple disabilities.


The absence of sufficient services in Sydney which cater for multiple-disability pre-schoolers; and the evident need for a free ‘last resort’ service provider for children who do not slot neatly into a particular diagnostic model.


Annual operational support, untied to specific outcomes, given to The Matilda Rose Centre to enable the expansion of its operations and creativity in the delivery of its services.


With the assistance of annual support from The Caledonia Foundation, the Matilda Rose Early Intervention centre has incrementally expanded its operations to enable provision of services to more families, the enhancement of residential programs for some regional and remote families and training of other professionals both in Australia and internationally.

Outcomes at the individual level are documented in terms of increases of expressive and receptive language, cognition and social behaviour. MREIC continues to video catalogue its general therapy sessions with a view to future use by professionals and parents, as well as for advocacy work.


The Caledonia Foundation’s long-standing involvement with the Matilda Rose Early Intervention Centre underlines a commitment to capacity-building funding for early life organizations such as Matilda Rose, which attempts to ‘think outside the square’ in terms of existing service provision.

Ultimately, our hoped-for impact is the continued expansion and increased quality of Matilda Rose’s programs, for the good of the hundreds of children who have benefited to date, as well as the for the longevity and sustainability of the organization itself.

Partner Statement – Maree Rennie, Matilda Rose Early Intervention Centre

“MREIC has enjoyed the support of The Caledonia Foundation since 2004, during which time we have increased our staffing levels, increased our child intake and expanded our professional workshops to an international audience. Our kids continue to do well, with some of the intake which first received Caledonia Foundation support now going to mainstream schools. We continue to be delighted at the relief and support we can offer families whose children have these multiple special needs. Our team is increasingly sought after for its expertise, and we will continue to advocate for the rights of these children to enjoy as many possibilities as other children.

Caledonia has been a terrific partner, and a delight to be involved with. We appreciate their support, enthusiasm and patience.”

- Marie Renee, Director of Therapy, Matilda Rose Early Intervention Centre

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