The Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) aims to inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic individuals, private foundations, charities and documentary filmmakers. DAF provides expertise, information, guidance and resources to help each sector work together to achieve their goals. DAF does not make or commission films. We manage and receive grants and donations which are directed either towards our own operations or to specific film projects.


Documentaries bring to light stories illustrating philanthropic areas of focus. Documentaries raise public awareness, educate, effect change, entertain and aim to emotionally connect with audiences. Giving to documentaries increases the leverage of the philanthropic dollar by extending outreach and can significantly enhance the effectiveness of gift-giving programs.


Charities have a story to tell, and filmmakers like to tell stories. Philanthropic Grantmakers, Charities and Documentary Filmmakers care about the same community-minded themes and issues. These shared interests can inspire partnerships that can be immensely powerful. Working together, these groups can achieve their mutual goals and effect long lasting change. The Documentary Australia Foundation enables charities to advance their causes through effective partnering with grantmakers and filmmakers who share their vision. Through outreach and educational programs, a documentary brings the charity The Documentary Australia Foundation encourages collaboration between philanthropic grantmakers, charities and documentary filmmakers. In doing so, it facilitates the delivery of messages and perspectives that need to get out into the wider community.


In the four years since DAF opened its doors, DAF has formally approved over 530 film projects of which 148 have received grants from 543 separate donors. As the nation's only independent, non-profit initiative creating an alternative funding stream for documentaries.The partnerships that result from the shared interests and passions of philanthropic grantmakers, charities and documentary filmmakers can be immensely powerful.Together, they can foster important and lasting change. Bringing important issues and themes into the living rooms, schools, community centres and cinemas of the nation can educate, inspire and drive fundamental social change with long-lasting effects.


The flow-on effect from the Documentary Australia Foundation’s success will ensure that significant documentaries continue to be made. Through outreach and educational programs, the issues and themes that documentary films tackle will reach a wider audience and be kept alive longer.


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