With continued support from The Caledonia Foundation, Mirabel has been able to expand its services for kinship families in NSW and engage the increasing number of children referred to Mirabel. The education component of this program provides vital assistance for children whose schooling has been affected by their earlier childhood experiences.


Mirabel is the only charity that provides programs and services for children and their kinship carers in Australia.

Mirabel assists children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family (kinship care). Mirabel believes that every child deserves a childhood and its mission is to break the destructive cycle of addiction.

Mirabel supports children aged 0-17 years and works at restoring a child’s sense of self-worth, belonging and hope for the future in order for them to reach their full potential as young adults.


Mirabel provides advocacy, referral, research, practical and emotional assistance to the children and carers (more often than not their grandparents). It leads the way in providing a community response to these families reducing stigma and isolation that they experience

  • Assessment of needs and referral to specialist services
  • Support groups
  • Telephone and Crisis counselling and support
  • Advocacy
  • Educational suport
  • Recreation programs


Activities funded by The Caledonia Foundation give children an introduction to Mirabel and are the start of trusting relationships and participation in other programs. With these opportunities and support for the families, Mirabel's staff see positive changes in young people as they exceed what were their prior expectations of their lives and future.


The Caledonia Foundation supports early intervention and prevention, and the outcomes of progress so far in NSW indicate that the service is valued and is bringing impact to the lives of young people and their kinship support network.

Feedback from kinship carer

'Seeing the look on Riley's face when he returned from camp made my heart skip a beat. I've never seen him look so happy. It was like you had found the child in him and given him permission to enjoy himself. What a gift that is to our family!'

- Harry, grandfather and full time carer of Riley (12)

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