Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation Literacy Packs for The Early Learning Project:


The Early Learning Project is a partnership between The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) and The Cathy Freeman Foundation.


The Palm Island children receiving these packs have a severe lack of educational equipment and resources in their homes. Only one supermarket with limited items is on the island. The newly opened Knowledge Centre holds a small number of books which most parents do not borrow for home use. Shopping usually takes place in Townsville which is reached by catching a ferry. Household items take priority over “optional” items such as learning/play items. By sending home Literacy Packs a message is also gently sent to the parents that these items are enjoyed by their children and again, that education is valued.


The first stage (2010/2011) was dedicated to learning the new Early Childhood Language and Literacy skills and practicing them. This has involved many sections of the community; parents, playgroup coordinators, AEA (Aboriginal Education Assistants) and early years teachers. In parallel, the latter part of this year has included First Language work.

The Early Learning Childhood Project is:

  •  ALNF’s Early Childhood Language and Literacy Program (ECL&L)
  •  ALNF’s Share-A-Book Program
  •  ALNF’s Reading Circles Program
  •  ALNF’s First Language Program
  •  ALNF’s Literacy Packs


Creating positive community confidence towards engagement and perseverance with literacy activities requires an inclusive approach consisting of manageable but effective strategies and resources. The provision of Literacy Packs is part of this approach as they provide items that facilitate oral language, literacy and cognitive stimulation for the whole family to participate in. The Literacy Packs also carry with them a message to the children – “education is important – so important that we have sent these packs to encourage you”.

  • The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation
  • Wall of Hands Campaign



“The resources in the Literacy Pack are of excellent quality. I am pleased with the respect the children showed when they looked through their packs. They obviously feel that they and their work is valued when they get things of this quality to work with.” Sara, Prep Teacher

“Look how lucky you are, these are beautiful.” Year 6 student in the room


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